Hello and welcome to Epona Art and Tattoo.

I am Theresa Gordon -Wade and the owner/primary artist. I have come from 13 wonderful years at Lifetime Tattoo (formerly Tradition 180) in Derby. I've been a professional tattoo artist for over 20 years, where I worked at Taurus Tattoo in Newark when it opened in 1994 and have worked at Tattoo conventions both here and abroad, including, Berlin, Vienna, Florida, Hamburg, Dunstable, London, Brighton, and many others over two decades. 

My favourite styles of tattooing include fine detail, colour and black and grey, realistic, oriental, sci-fi, portraits and wildlife. I specialise in cover-up work also. 

I like to involve the client in the basic conception of the Tattoo design, making sure each project is tailored to each individuals requirements. 

This usually involves a consultation either by email or in person prior to the actual appointment. A little patience beforehand usually reaps better results, and  

 a happy client.

Unit 1 & 2 Waterloo Yard, King Street, Southwell,

Nottingham, NG25 0EH

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